Billy Hunter, 1949 – 2015

Billy HunterEveryone at Whitlawburn Community Resource Centre has been deeply saddened by the untimely passing of Billy on 22nd August 2015, at Hairmyres Hospital East Kilbride. Billy has been a pillar of WCRC & WWHC for over 20 years and all staff and Committee members who have had the privilege of working with Billy so fully appreciate the enormous contribution Billy has made to West Whitlawburn Housing Co-operative, the Community Resource Centre and Whitcomm.

Billy was the salt of the earth, a diamond who had no time for bureaucracy and a fierce campaigner for social justice. A man of unswerving principle who would never shy away from fighting for what was right. A warm heart, blessed with humour and compassion made Billy a very endearing and hugely popular person, coupled with an incisive mind and a tremendous intellect made Billy a formidable adversary for those who opposed Billy’s view of life.

Billy will be sadly missed and his contribution to the great successes of WCRC & WWHC is testimony to the tremendous and forceful character Billy was.

WCRC & WWHC will not be the same without Billy.